Online Resources

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The internet is without doubt the greatest resource any All-Grain brewer can have. Within its pages it’s possible to learn more about any aspect of brewing you wish. If you have a problem with anything relating to homebrewing you can be assured that others have come across the same problem before you and have already discussed it online. You can read articles and blogs, watch videos and sometimes speak to brewers who have been there and done it. The potential for learning and expanding your grasp of brewing is limitless.

Here are some people I’ve come across in my world wide web meanderings who I feel have a lot to offer. I won’t list the URLs, because URLs have a nasty habit of changing and becoming out of date; but from the information I give below it will be easy for you to find them.

All Grain Brewing Group UK (Facebook page)

All Grain Home Brew Group (Facebook page)

Beer Maverick (website)


BJCP style guidelines (downloadable pdf)

Brew Your Own Resource Guide (website)

Brewers Association Beer style guidelines (website) 

Brewer's Friend (website)

Brülosophy (Youtube Channel, Facebook page, website and podcasts)

The Craft Beer Channel (Youtube channel)

David Heath Homebrew Group (both Youtube channel and Facebook page)

Home Brew Stuff For Free Or Cheap (Facebook page)

Hopslist (website)


Jim's Beer Kit (discussion forum and website)

Joshua Garcia (Youtube channel)


(Many thanks to the very talented Brockprint for providing the illustration of the medieval monk hard at work on his computer at the top of this page.)