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This recipe is for a 25 litre batch. Probably an overly cautious approach but I always prepare 50 litres of water when brewing a 25 litre batch, just in case of mishaps. As we’re just starting out on all grain brewing, don’t worry about hitting the exact OG and FG figures I mention below – it’s really not important if you undershoot or overshoot. Instead, just enjoy the process.

Meadowbreath is a light golden session ale, just the thing for a warm Summer’s evening. I’ve kegged and bottled this beer and on the whole I prefer the kegged version, but see what you think.


4000gms low colour Maris Otter

100gms light Crystal Malt

85gms Flaked Wheat


1 sachet of Safale S-04 yeast

Hop Schedule

Start of boil:  52gms Fuggles @ 4.8 AA

15 minutes from end of boil: 20gms Goldings @4.5 AA

Water Treatment

Add one crushed Campden tablet per 25 litres and stir well. Then, as recommended by laboratory analysis – 9ml of Carbonate Reducing Solution (CRS) per 25 litres of water to be used and stir well. 22gms of Dry Liquor Salts (DLS) to be mixed in with the mash.

Mash and Sparge

Mash in 12 litres of water at 67°C. Add 22gms of DLS at the start of the mash. 90 minute mash. Once all the wort has been collected, pass it through the grain bed again. I sparge this one at 62°C. Sparge temperature is not crucial as long as it doesn’t exceed 77°C.


60 minutes. Add Protafloc 15 minutes from the end of boil.

Fermentation and Gravity Readings

In case you like to use a hydrometer the OG reading I had was 1.040 and the FG 1.010, giving an ABV of 4%. If you don’t want to be bothered with a hydrometer you can rest assured primary fermentation will be complete in one week, after which you should siphon off to secondary fermentation and let it condition for two weeks before kegging or bottling, as you prefer.  

Tasting Notes

I suggest drinking this at room temperature. This is a really pleasant light beer, very moreish with a nicely balanced level of bitterness. Excellent, well worth brewing in time for Summer. Level of bitterness seems just right for a beer like this. All who tasted it couldn't praise it highly enough and sadly 25 litres didn't last long!