About Mole

The first Sensible Mole website appeared in 2007.  Homebrewers all over the World read it and a lot had some very nice things to say about it.


Although the actual content of the site was okay, the layout and structure of the pages left a lot to be desired from a website design point of view. This was because back in 2007 I knew very little about how to put a site together that is easy on the eye. I’m ashamed to say the website has never been updated – until now.

medi man with beer.png

I sincerely hope first-time readers and regulars like the new look. I like to think I've learned a lot more about brewing since 2007, and these pages have been revised to reflect that.


Of course, I began brewing a long time before the first version of this website came into being and I’ve brewed various styles of beer in my kitchen for more years than I care to remember. During that time my beer has found its way to some very appreciative people all over Britain, to France, and to the USA. Some of their testimonials are included below.


A long time ago after messing around with kit beers I decided to go into All-Grain brewing, but with a difference; I didn’t want to buy or use a lot of implements and paraphernalia and I was interested in stripping down the process of brewing to get to the stage where I could brew genuinely great beer using the least amount of equipment with the least amount of hassle and fuss.


This website details the processes I use and the bare essential equipment needed. It is ideal for people who want to try their hand at All-Grain brewing on a budget because if they decide they don’t enjoy it, they haven’t wasted money buying expensive shiny brewing systems. And if they get the bug and want to expand their knowledge, the information contained in these pages gives an excellent springboard and a good understanding of the basics that will stand them in good stead for their future brewing.




 “Give yourself a pat on the back. Anyone thinking of starting homebrew will be ready to go after reading through your site, simple, to the point and encourages experimentation.”

K.J., UK 

“Your Sensible Mole site has entertained me for years. Looking forward to some Dark Lantern! Thanks again for your fervent drive!”

B.F., San Francisco

“A definitely down to earth, no-nonsense approach to brewing which I like a lot.”

D.S., UK

“Fantastic professional beers. Better than most of the stuff in UK pubs and certainly better than the beer in French bars!”

B.T., Bergerac

“You are to be congratulated - a very nice site with some excellent recipes.”

S.R., UK

“Thank you for your amazing beer!”

A.L., UK

“I'd never seen that Sensible Mole site. I love it. A great homebrew overview and the recipes all sound delicious.”

S.M., UK

“Great beers, consistently good. You sure know what you're doing.”

W.J., Pennsylvania

“Currently drinking Dark Lantern, which is very nice - lovely rich, full taste. Strongly recommended. I suspect it would improve with age but I'm drinking it too fast! I am a great admirer of The Mole!”

A.J., UK

“I made 'Twelfth Night At Toad Hall'. It's very nice. Everyone I have given it to, loved it. I will definitely make it again.”

S.M., UK