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This site is a guide to brewing high quality All-Grain beer at home using minimal equipment. It’s a site for brewers of kits and malt extract beers who want to make the transition to All-Grain, but experienced All-Grain brewers will also find some aspects useful.

Many people are put off All-Grain brewing as they see it as too difficult and complex. It can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be, but this site shows you how easy it is to make truly great All-Grain beer with the minimum of fuss.


Hopefully the reader will regard this site as the beginning of their All-Grain experience; perhaps even a crude beginning. And once they've got their feet wet and discovered how good their beers can be, will go on to read and learn and enjoy this fascinating pastime. 

I suggest the best way to use this site is to first of all read every page and then write yourself a shopping list while checking out ‘Equipment You Will Need’, ‘Materials You Will Need’, ‘Things To Make’, ‘Water Treatment’, and finally the Recipes section should you want to brew one of those. Having bought and made all the essentials, you’ll then be ready to dive in…

Happy Brewing!                 


He made for the cellar door and presently reappeared, somewhat dusty, but with a bottle of beer in each paw and another under each arm. "I perceive this to be Old Burton", the Rat remarked approvingly, "Sensible Mole! The very thing! Now we shall be able to mull some ale! Get the things ready Mole, while I draw the corks." 

                           Kenneth Grahame, 'Wind In The Willows'‏