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There is a bewildering array of yeasts available to us these days, and for this reason it can be a confusing area to the uninitiated. Fortunately there's a quick and short way through the maze...

So how do we find out which type of yeast we should use?

The short answer is to go shopping...

Most of the recipes on this site call for the use of Safale yeast. This is hydrated, reliable and cheap. There’s no reason why you have to use a different yeast to Safale, other than curiosity; I can and do turn out superb beers with Safale.

In fact it’s a good idea to buy a couple of sachets of Safale and keep them in your ‘kit’ as an emergency back up; you wouldn’t be the first brewer to brew a batch of ale only to find, at the vital moment, that you’ve forgotten to buy some yeast!

Each yeast (and there are very many varieties you can use) has its own characteristics and these in turn are passed on to and in to your beer. To find out what those characteristics are, simply click on to the web site selling them and do a little reading. The web sites at Wyeast and White Labs are excellent starting points:


Right, we've looked at why we should be at least considering creating our own recipes and we've read in detail about the stuff we'll be using, namely the malt, adjuncts, hops and yeast. On the next page we put all this knowledge together in A Walk Through Creating An Original Recipe...

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