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What Is Sensible Mole?

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Once upon a time it struck me that it might be fun to give my brewery a name. Ever since boyhood, about 300 years ago, I’ve loved the book ’Wind In The Willows’ by Kenneth Grahame, so I decided to give my brewery a title based on the contents of that book. So ‘Sensible Mole Brewery‘ was born, taken from the quote above.

(It‘s interesting to note that this quote only appears in earlier print runs of ‘Wind In The Willows’, before Political Correctness took its savage unyielding grip. Perhaps the Do Gooders think that the eight year olds of today who read about a Rat and a Mole enjoying mulled ale would have no choice but to turn into rabid alcoholics within ten years, who knows?)

So having named the brewery in this way I thought it might be a bit of fun to name each of my beers after some aspect of the book, no matter how obscure - give them a theme, as it were.

This also gives me the excuse to indulge in label design, something which began as a chore but which I now quite enjoy. I pinch other people’s images off the internet, download other people’s fonts, put them together then call the finished label all my own work...! It’s good fun as well as theft. (Then I have the audacity to copyright my own work.)

Looking back, I’m glad I christened my brewery and each of the beers. Over the years my beer has found its way to several locations all over Britain, to France, and even to America. It would be a shame to send the stuff all that way merely for it to become an anonymous brown bottle sitting on a faraway shelf... so much better for it to be labelled proudly, "From Sensible Mole Brewery" sitting on a faraway shelf I always think... even though no one in those far flung places has even heard of Sensible Mole Brewery!

What will you christen your brewery, and why? And will you write and tell me???

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