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Weary Harvester

("...The floor was well-worn red brick, and on the wide hearth burnt a fire of logs... it seemed a place where heroes could fitly feast after victory, where weary harvesters could line up in scores along the table and keep their harvest home with mirth and song, or where two or three friends of simple tastes could sit about as they pleased and eat and smoke and talk in comfort and contentment..." ) Kenneth Grahame, 'Wind In The Willows'

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Weary Harvester

NOTE: This is a tribute to those marvellous smoked beers of German origin (Rauchbier). I have yet to meet any ale drinker who has tried this beer and not had only good things to say about it. A certain Sudanese Sensible Mole Test Pilot had a sip before pronouncing this "Sexy beer!" Again, it's a three day event, but absolutely worth your time. Unusual hopping schedule to this one too, and a 'specialist' yeast. Cheers!


4480 gms Maris Otter

665 gms Munich Malt

665 gms Smoked Malt

450 gms Carafa Special Malt

300 gms Chocolate Malt

150 gms Black Malt


White Labs Irish Ale Yeast WLP004

Hop Schedule:

75 mins from end of boil:

36 gms Tettnang @ 7.4 AA

11 gms Green Bullet @ 13.5 AA

6 mins from end of boil:

50 gms Czech Saaz @ 3.5 AA

16 gms Goldings @ 5.1 AA

Water Treatment:

The Wheeler Method

Mash and Sparge:

Mash in 14 litres of water at 67°C. 2 crushed Campden tablets went in with the dry grain. Overnight mash. Sweet wort passed through grain twice. Sparge at 62°C.


90 minutes. 2 crushed Campden tablets added at start of boil along with hops. Final hops added 6 minutes from the end of boil.

(One week in primary fermentation, two weeks in secondary, keg or bottle as you prefer.)

Tasting Notes:

A real show stopper! Excellent, with great body and a superb complex taste - some Test Pilots argue this is right up there with Badger's Supper and Dark lantern. As with all these strong dark beers, it gets better if left to mature for a couple of months or longer.

Smoked beers were first recommended to me by someone who only tried one because he was standing next to a drunk in a real ale pub. The drunk got fed up with the stuff on tap and in his beery state thought it perfectly logical to go through the bottled beers in the fridge, starting with the top shelf. All went well until he started on the second shelf, and the first beer up was a 'Rauchbier' like this one. He wasn't expecting such a unique taste, pulled a face and turned to the perfect stranger standing to his left and asked him if he wanted the beer for nothing. This stranger willingly agreed, had a sip, and luckily made a point of telling me how great smoked beers are! So thanks, Drunken Fridge Guy, whoever and wherever you are! Time now to go to the next page and look at the final Mole recipe up for public viewing, a very special beer indeed - a Christmas ale called 'Twelfth Night At Toad Hall"...

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