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4000 gms pale colour Maris Otter

100 gms Crystal Malt

85 gms Flaked Wheat


1 sachet of Safale yeast

Hop Schedule:

Start of boil:

52 gms Fuggles @ 4.8 AA

15 mins from end of boil:

20 gms Goldings

Water Treatment:

Water Analysis Method - 8ml of CRS and one crushed Campden tablet per 25 litres of water.

Mash and Sparge:

Mash in 12 litres of water at 70°C. 2 crushed Campden tablets went in with the dry grain along with 13 gms of DLS. 90 minute mash. Sweet wort passed through grain three times. Sparge at 62°C.


90 minutes. Rest of DLS added at start of boil along with 2 crushed Campden tablets. Protafloc added with Goldings 15 minutes from the end of boil.

(One week in primary fermentation, two weeks in secondary, keg or bottle as you prefer.)

Tasting Notes:

I kegged this one. Excellent, well worth doing again. Only about 4%, give or take, so a session beer. Very moreish. Level of bitterness seemed just right for a beer like this. All who tasted it couldn't praise it highly enough and 25 litres didn't last long!



Meadowbreath is a very pleasant bitter that goes down all too well. On the next page we take a look at the recipe for 'Snout In The Sunlight'...


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