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This site is for brewers of kit beer and malt extract beer who want to make the transition to All-Grain brewing but might be a little apprehensive to make what many are told is 'The Great Leap'. The site can also be used by people with no previous experience or knowledge of brewing who want to jump straight in there.

There is a lot of nonsense talked about All-Grain brewing and how difficult and complex it supposedly is, and in my humble opinion this serves only to put off many folk from giving it a go and thus preventing them from changing immeasurably their expectations of what they can achieve from their brewing. To a great extent home brewing can be as simple or complex as you want it to be; but this site attempts to show you how easy it is to make truly great beer - great All-Grain beer - in the comfort of your own kitchen and back garden.

There is much technical reading to be had out there and so I've tried to keep the techie stuff on this site to an absolute minimum. This means brewers who want to brew great beer can just follow the advice on this site, and those brewers who want to read further and gain more technical know-how can refer to the 'Links and Further Reading' page.

Hopefully the reader will regard this site as the beginning of their All-Grain brewing - perhaps even a crude beginning - and once they've got their feet wet and enjoyed the experience, will have the confidence to go on to read and learn and argue with fellow brewers, and then come back to this site and tell me where I'm going wrong!




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