Frankly, we can't wait until Propane is discovered...

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Read every page. (Don’t worry, there won’t be a test afterwards.) Then go back and check out ‘Equipment You Will Need’, make a list of what you don’t have then go out and buy it. Read ‘A Few Recipes’ and ‘Materials You Will Need’, and write out a shopping list after deciding which recipe you will follow.

Next, go to ’DIY Corner’ and make that stuff or bribe someone else to do it for you.

When you’ve done that you’re ready to brew! You can’t rush this stuff though; ‘Water Treatment’ can take you an evening, depending on the method you use, and brewing will take up an entire day. Check the local weather forecast as you need to brew on a day that isn’t rainy or windy if you‘re boiling outdoors.

By now you’ve got all the gear, all the materials, you’ve made the DIY Heath Robinson stuff and you’ve set aside the time to devote to brewing - so let’s get started...




How To Use This Site

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