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Unfortunately I am fairly busy, fairly constantly, when not sleeping or brewing or fishing. I don’t have time to answer individual brewing queries but please, join a homebrew internet forum as I've suggested on the 'Links and Further Reading' page, and this will probably give you at least seventeen answers to your question!

For anything and everything else, although I must admit I'm struggling to think what that might be, you can contact me by sending an email to

So that's finally it... I'm done. Enjoy your brewing. Keep everything sterile and follow the steps in this site and you will brew remarkable ale. Cheers!

All the text and many photos on this site are 'orl my own wurk' and Copyright is held by Sensible Mole Brewery 2007. In the true spirit of spreading the gospel of brewing at home, any or all of the original material may be used by anyone on condition that they at least think about including a link back to this site and that they do not seek to use the material for commercial gain. If in doubt please contact Sensible Mole Brewery at the email address above.

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