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There are many dodgy recipes on the internet, some disgusting and some unworkable. Unfortunately we cannot assume that someone who has posted a recipe on the internet actually knows what they are talking about. Occasionally there are notes to the 'iffy' recipes which give us a huge dig in the ribs and we should avoid like the plague any recipe with notes such as, "I bet this would be a truly magnificent beer if it was ever brewed!"

To enable you to avoid pitfalls like these, over the next few pages are some tried and tested recipes of my own. Please feel free to use them, and I hope you enjoy drinking the results.

All of the recipes are for 25 litres.

A word about 'Twelfth Night At Toad Hall' - if you're thinking of brewing this excellent beer to drink over Christmas, you should know that it has to mature in the bottle for AT LEAST eight months. I know of a couple of brewers who make a point of brewing similar recipes to this one on Boxing Day to ensure the beer is nicely matured in time for the following Christmas!

I can lay claim to ownership of all of these recipes because without exception I have tweaked and adjusted them over the years in an attempt to make them as good as I can. The versions shown below are the finished product, at least as far as I am concerned - you may think they need further tweaking to suit your own tastes. (And on the subject of tweaking recipes, be sure to read 'Creating Your Own Recipes').

A little self indulgence here too, perhaps; on each recipe I have included the relevant part of 'Wind In The Willows' which gives the beer its name (see 'What Is Sensible Mole?' for more details of my attachment to that excellent book) in case anyone is interested! Finally, on a more practical note, I have included my simple Tasting Notes for each recipe to give you an idea of what is needed when making these kind of notes.

Ye Olde weighing out of 100 grams of Crystal Malt, probably.

The recipes shown over the next few pages are:

 'Meadowbreath', an easy drinking 4% (approx) bitter;

'Snout In The Sunlight', a 5% (approx) citrusy straw coloured bitter perfect for Summer;

'Badger's Supper', a 6½% (approx) dark Winter brew and without doubt the most popular of my beers;

'Dark Lantern', a 7½% (approx) heavenly Oatmeal Stout which is A Meal In A Glass;

'Weary Harvester', a 7% dark smoked beer of German style, full bodied with a superb complex taste;

'Twelfth Night At Toad Hall', a 10% (approx) old fashioned Christmas Ale which uses orange peel, root ginger, cinnamon and honey. After eight months in the bottle this beer is gorgeous, after 5 years in the bottle it's just magnificent!

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